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Urban Day Retreat

Unleash your Creativity!

21st October 2023

An urban day retreat where we co-create in community, practice yoga, breath and explore our creativity through zine making.


This is for you if...

  • You are feeling creatively blocked

  • 'don't have time' to be creative

  • feeling burnt out and uninspired

  • lacking in direction and energy

What the day will look like...

Opening circle & intention setting


Breath work

Kundalini yoga


Zine making & book binding

Closing circle 

What you will create...

A day of breathing, moving and creating. We will set intentions about what you would like to express in your zine. By the end of the day, you will have eased into your creative practice and get hands on to create your zines! I will teach you a simple technique to bind your zine into a finished booklet for you to keep. It can be a zine about the day, a wellness journal or instructions on the breath or kundalini yoga techniques that you learnt in the day so you can practice at home. 

Meet Hannah

With a background in MA illustration and Kundalini yoga, Hannah weaves the two disciplines into her work. For Hannah, creativity is a sacred practice and the two subjects are intertwined. Hannah will bring both her skills as a yoga teacher and illustrator to this Urban Day Retreat where we will be tapping into our inner artistry. Hannah believes that we can unlock our creativity through movement, finding expanse in the body and allowing ourselves the time and space for our ideas to flourish. 

Kind words from participants...

Anna, London

Hannah! Wow 🤩 What an incredible morning. The theme resonated with me so deeply. It was so incredible, challenging and exhilarating. I'm so revitalised and full of inspiration for the weekend 💫 And the music!! 

Candice, Barcelona

Amazing class again, I'm loving kundalini yoga. Thank you so much for introducing me to it. I've been incorporating some of it into my daily routine and feeling much better for it. Your classes are motivating and inspiring, I always really look forward to them because they give me such a delightful boost of confidence for the week.  

Georgie, Kent

Hannah's Kundalini yoga classes are a delight! As a newcomer to yoga, Hannah made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Her classes relax and energise the body, mind, and spirit. I particularly love the spinal flexes and the breath of fire exercises. I always leave her classes feeling tranquil and in tune with my body. Thanks Hannah!

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