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what clients say...

"Hannah's Kundalini yoga classes are a delight! As a newcomer to yoga, Hannah made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Her classes relax and energise the body, mind, and spirit. I particularly love the spinal flexes and the breath of fire exercises. I always leave her classes feeling tranquil and in tune with my body. Thanks Hannah!"  -Georgie, Kent, UK

"Hannah’s classes are no ordinary classes. She compiles the most relevant poses and movements of Kundalini in a way that beginners and non-beginners alike can enjoy the class with confidence and still be challenged. She knows what she is doing and even for a person like myself that gets easily distracted I could do it via zoom. I can’t wait to be able to do her classes in person as well." -Anna.R London, UK

"I love Hannah's classes, they are relaxed, fun and informative. I always feel amazing afterwards and they have really inspired me to delve into learning a lot more about the fascinating practice and history of kundalini yoga. I'll be back again soon! Thank you so much Hannah for sharing your practice with the world. ❤️❤️❤️"

 -Victoria, Falmouth, UK

Hannah! Wow 🤩 What an incredible morning. The theme resonated with me so deeply. It was so incredible, challenging and exhilarating. I'm so revitalised and full of inspiration for the weekend 💫 And the music!!  -Anna W, London, UK

I really love Hannah’s classes. Hannah epitomises kindness, she has such a calm, soothing voice and she is really knowledgeable about the body and kundalini practices and explains things really clearly. She always has a really thoughtful intention and theme to the lesson, which I love as it helps me to focus my thoughts. These elements teamed with her love and passion for beautiful music makes the perfect combination for a relaxing and inspiring lesson! I would highly recommend! -Lucy, London, UK


"Amazing class again, I'm loving kundalini yoga. Thank you so much for introducing me to it. I've been incorporating some of it into my daily routine and feeling much better for it." -Candice, Barcelona, Spain 

Hannah is amazing! Her Kundalini class is a 90-minute-long gift of self-care. During her class, I felt a sense of well-being; afterwards I felt revitalized and relaxed, both mentally and physically. Hannah radiates kindness and gratitude. She is down to earth; her friendly and caring manner invites you to feel welcome and safe during her class. Hannah's clearly very knowledgeable about Kundalini, and I love how she explained the effect different poses have on the body. Definitely recommend her classes and excited to do more! -Amy,  USA

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