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Daily Gentle Yoga

I currently offer a daily 30 minute gentle yoga class every Monday to Thursday 7:30-8:00 via Zoom online. It is a beautiful way to start your day with a breath practice and gentle postures to move the body first thing in the morning. Bringing awareness to the breath and body and gifting yourself the opportunity to check in with how you feel each day. A consistent daily practice has been a powerful way to empower myself which is why I offer this practice. We have a lovely community and it is just so wonderful to gather together each day to practice. 

I offer these classes at £14.99 / month for unlimited Gentle Yoga. It works out to less than £1 per class! If you miss a class, you can catch up on the recordings which you have access to and you can cancel your subscription at any time! 

Book Now to trial the class for free.


You can subscribe by clicking "Explore Plans".

If you have any questions, please get in touch at:

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